Help save lives of refugees and internally displaced persons

Care and Assistance for Forced Migrants (CAFOMI) is scaling up its humanitarian activities in Uganda, to care for the mounting number of migrants fleeing the escalating violence and chaos that has engulfed the East African region since January 2023.
From West Nile to Bundibugyo, CAFOMI is proving much needed humanitarian care to meet needs amid conflict and other crises.
CAFOMI depends solely on donations from independent sources. In times of crisis, we can swiftly mobilize resources and rescue lives, often within hours. Help us continue providing much need care where the needs are greatest with an unrestricted gift now.
CAFOMI is an independent and impartial humanitarian organization. We provide care and assistance with empathy and compassion to all persons of concern, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, or politics.

CAFOMI focuses on providing assisting the millions of people displaced from their homes, either across a border as refugees or internally as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Uganda.
CAFOMI works collaboratively with partners and assists communities in disaster prediction and mitigation through various relief and rehabilitation programmes.

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