CAFOMI supported me when I was at my lowest point

Improving life-saving response through provision of emergency WASH assistance to Persons of Concern (POCs)

CAFOMI WASH team works with displaced communities and their host in the Implementation of projects for the improved access to safe drinking water, hygienic sanitation and proper management of waste disposal or recycling. And we have implemented several WASH projects including the WASH rapid response project in Bududa and Sironko in partnership with IOM and UN CERF, Rehabilitation of Bubukwanga GFS in partnership with NRC and SIDA.

Our support has helped address the immediate risk but these communities still need support to ensure the sustained long term supply of safe water.

Ihimbe sorts maize with her daughter Furahi and son Elisha shortly after their breakfast at their home in Kyangwali refugee settlement. Photo by CAFOMI/Nicholas Shawn Mugarura.

“I want to expand in agriculture, I heard that people are receiving land under DR DIP Project, I would also wish to get land and since I can’t afford renting a bigger piece of land, this will help me to plant more and make more harvests hence sustain my family.” Ihimbe said.

With funds from the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office through CARE international under the APEAL IV project, Care and Assistance for Forced Migrants (CAFOMI) continues to support refugees at Kyangwali refugee settlement, alongside other consortium partners with a wide range of protection and mental health assistance through Access to Protection, Empowerment, Accountability and Leadership (APEAL) Action.  

By Nicholas Shawn Mugarura, Author is MERL & Communications Assistant at CAFOMI.

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